Marriage Matching: Horoscope Matching For Marriage

Marriage is one of the most prominent Sanskars in Hinduism. It is impossible to imagine life without one’s love and support. An individual can lead a happy life with the aid of the basic amenities, but the pleasure of enjoying them increases when you are ordained the grace to share them with someone special. The horizon of a human being’s perspective broadens when he/she spends the entire lifetime with a special someone. Marriage cannot be just termed as the alliance of two people, it is more than that. It brings together two souls, families, their traditions and many more. Marriage Matching tool below helps you figure out the compatibility between you and the prospective partner, and enables you to move ahead with a specific decision. Fill in the details and find for yourself.

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Since we are discussing the pious status the bond of marriage holds in Hinduism, it is also important to discover the important procedures which are taken into account while contemplating a union. One such practice is Horoscope Matching for Marriage. It has a vital role to play while deciding the fate of two individuals. Now, no one wants to end up with a wrong person and honestly, it is quite difficult to maintain the bliss of your married life intact if the union takes place with an inappropriate person. Thus, the matching of horoscopes of both the bride and the groom must be done so that they can know what and whom they are signing up for.

What Is Marriage Matching?

As per Hindu customary practices, the birth chart of both the boy and the girl are studied in a detailed manner to compare their compatibility. Through this study, both the prospective bride and groom get an idea about each other’s characteristics. The basic idea behind horoscope matching is derived by taking note of the nakshatras and planets residing in the ascendant/Lagna sign during their births. By doing so, the two individuals under consideration can move ahead by successfully surpassing the potential threats to their marriage. With our latest feature, you can find details about your life partner just by entering your and your partner’s birth details.

How To Find The Right Partner Through Horoscope Matching

The custom of horoscope matching also has high eminence in Vedic astrology which grants sanctity to the holy bond of marriage. This practice is also known as Kundali Milan, Guna Milan, Lagna Melapak and many more in various parts of India. In the current time, the internet has made everything possible. And with the help of our horoscope matching software, you can find the compatibility rate and various difficulties which stand between you and your partner within seconds.

While matching the horoscopes, these factors are taken into consideration.

  • Manglik Dosha

Also known as Kuj Dosha, this defect or dosha has the propensity to cripple one’s married life. If Mars is present in one’s ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house in the horoscope, then Mangal Dosha is found in his/her Kundli. Horoscope Matching also has the ability to showcase whether Mangal Dosha is present in the birth chart or not. Thus, by following the remedies one can get rid of such dosha and successfully set foot on a happy and blissful married life.

  • Strength of Navamsa Chart

The divisional chart which is given quite prominence in Vedic astrology is Navamsa Chart. As the Dasamansha chart is studied to seek guidance about the career, similarly, for marriage counselling, the Navamsa chart is consulted. It provides information about the stability rate of the impending marriage and also the nature and characteristics of the would-be spouse.

  • Guna Milan

This is the most important factor of horoscope matching. As it has been mentioned before, the birth chart of both the boy and the girl are studied and their horoscopes are matched. This specific practice is known as Guna Milan. In the northern part of India, the parallels are drawn by a particular method known as Ashtakoot Milan, which represents the eight aspects of Gunas or characteristics. The term Ashta means eight and Koota means aspects. Thus, the eight aspects or Kootas are listed down below.

  1. Varna/Varna/Jati: The spiritual compatibility and the ego scales of the two people under consideration are described through this aspect. Its division takes place in four parts, which are: Brahmins (Highest), Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra (Lowest).
  2. Vasya/Vasya: It represents the mutual attraction between the duo and dominance in marriage. An individual being’s classification is done into 5 types, namely Manav/Nara (human being), Chatushpad (small animals such as cow), Vanchar (wild animals such as tiger), Jalchar (aquatic animals), and Keeta/Keet (insects).
  3. Tara/Dina: It is associated with the compatibility of birth stars or Nakshatras of the bride and the groom. There exits 27 Nakshatras in one’s chart.
  4. Yoni: It evaluates the mutual love and affection, sexual compatibility and the bond of intimacy between the natives under consideration. This aspect is also classified into 14 animals namely; Horse, Cat, Rat, Cow, Dog, Buffalo, Tiger, Snake, Hare/Deer, Sheep Monkey, Lion, Mongoose and Elephant.
  5. Graha Maitri/Rasyadhipa: It discloses the couple’s mental compatibility, bond of friendship and affection between them. Additionally, the Moon Sign compatibility between the duos are also seen through this aspect only.
  6. Gana: This aspect or Koota is associated with the behaviour and attitude of the prospective bride and groom.
  7. Rashi or Bhakoot: It pertains to the emotional understanding and love between wedded partners. If the Moon is placed in the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth house in the boy’s kundali house from girl's, then it serves as inauspicious. On the contrary, the seventh and twelfth houses are considered favourable. However, in the case of female natives, If Moon is placed in second, third, fourth and fifth houses in the birth chart from man's chart, then it will be auspicious. But, the position in the twelfth house is considered malicious.
  8. Nadi: Health and genes are associated with this Koota. Hence, one can decode the health factor in their upcoming probable marital life, and what sufferings are accorded.

Now, let us discuss the points offered by each and every Koota/aspect:

Koota Maximum Points
Varna 1
Vasya/Vasya 2
Tara/Dina 3
Yoni 4
Grah Maitri/Rasyadhipati 5
Gana 6
Rashi or Bhakoot 7
Nadi 8
Total 36

Thus, the AshtaKoota comprises of 36 points and the relevance of various points obtained by various natives whose union is in consideration are mentioned below.

What Do The Results of Guna Milan State?

Points/Gunas Obtained Astrological Prediction
Less than 18 Marriage not recommended
18 - 24 Match is average, acceptable and can proceed for marriage
24 - 32 This match will make the married life successful and full of bliss.
32 - 36 This match can be declared heavenly.

Thus, the above table displays the scores obtained in Ashtakoota. The match which obtains a score less than 18 will not be considered fit for marriage. However, one should also keep certain other factors in mind while proceeding to match horoscopes for marriage as marriage matching also gives prominence to other facets like partner’s longevity, financial strength, societal stature, emotional strength and many more. The study performed on the kundlis of the bride and groom and the matches made will thus help them to lead a happy and prosperous married life and the chances of them encountering problems are very less.

Wishing you the best for your upcoming married life.