Muhurat 2019: Auspicious Timings for 2019

Muhurat 2019: Auspicious Timings for 2019 Every auspicious moment of our life brings us one step closer to attaining contentment, but if not done on the right time, we can never be sure that it will bring forth good vibes in our life. To have a balance in life, one must choose the right time to perform every action. And these perfect time slots for these actions are what we call Muhurat.

Muhurat plays an important role in whatever we do, be it the Naamkaran Ceremony of a kid or the inauguration of a new office, finding the right time according to the favourable stars is extremely valuable. Performing these tasks in the appropriate Muhurat will boost up the chances of you taking things to a new level in your life. These best-suited Muhurats are sort of a ticket for everyone to reach their best potential.

Tracing back the origin of Muhurat

Since the Vedic ages, the time has been an important factor during every ritual and ceremony. Much importance was given to performing Yajnas at the right time, which gave birth to a need for calculating Muhurats for every occasion in our life. And as it turned out, performing the said rituals in the beneficial time gave excellent results in the individual’s life.

From that time to today, things have remained the same and our astrologers are helping us maintain the tradition of doing things in the right Hindu Muhurat.

Why do we need to calculate Shubh Muhurat?

To attain success in life, we are ready to sacrifice our sleep and rest- just so we could get the most out of our work. But it’s not necessary to let your peace be disturbed in order to maximize your benefits. Muhurat is a blessing, which helps you perform every ritual at the right time. Performing them at the right time instils positive vibration, which in turn help you to get things done the way you want.

The first factor is that you get the most out of your ritual ceremony. Whatever intention you had in mind for the event, it gets translated due to it being performed at the right time.

The second factor is that Muhurat helps to clear out the air. Any negative or bad omen present in the area gets nullified so that you can carry out the activity without there being any obstacles.

Thus when you stick to the right time slot for a particular event, by performing it in the best Muhurat, the results obtained are most propitious.

How is Muhurat calculated?

The Hindu Muhurat is calculated on the basis of Panchang, which is the Vedic calendar that projects important tithis and timings. Also known as the most important tool in Hindu Astrology, Panchang is divided into 5 parts:

  • Vaar: The days of the week or Din is known as Vaar. They are namely 7; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Tithi: The lunar date of a particular day is known as Tithi. It’s based on the position of the moon which differs in Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.

  • Nakshatra: This refers to constellations and is a major part of the Panchang. There are 27 in total and are considered while calculating Muhurat.

  • Yoga: There is a total of 27 yogas which are all put to work while calculating the Muhurat.

  • Karana: Referring to the half tithis in the Hindu Panchang, each Tithi has two Karnas.

Things to take care of while calculating Muhurat 2019

The below-mentioned points must be kept in mind about Muhurat 2019.

  • Every Muhurat is different, so make sure you follow the rituals for each separately.

  • For every individual, there's a different time and Muhurat. What's a good time slot for one may not be that great for another. So always consult an astrologer before confirming any event.

  • Any holy activity must not be carried out on a New moon day, as they aren't considered auspicious.

  • The most important part while calculating Muhurat is the Ascendant and the birth chart of the concerned person.

  • Muhurat changes with time. So, the date that was auspicious in 2019 might not be good for Muhurat 2020.

List of All Muhurats in 2019

The below-mentioned list contains all the important Muhurat in 2019 so that you can keep a tab on all the important events.

  • Vivah Muhurat 2019

The propitious time to perform the marriage ceremony is known to be the Vivah Muhurat. Considered to be of the most important chapter of one's life, Marriage Muhurat is calculated so that the couple gets the best virtues in their new life. The auspicious time to tie the knot of the couple is Vivah Muhurat. To perform a wedding ceremony, the most important part is to calculate the Muhurat. It holds so much importance in the Hindu religion due to its contribution to the matrimony. A marriage performed at the correct muhurat stands strong against all odds and darts.

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  • Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2019

The Muhurat to perform the housewarming before entering a newly built or renovated house is what we call the Griha Pravesh Muhurat. Our homes are a safe haven for us and to commemorate them we need what’s best. Before entering the premises of a newly built house, it is important to negate any negative vibes present there. It is important to keep all our troubles at bay. There are two separate Muhurats for entering a new home and entering a renovated home, each with their own set of rules.

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  • Mundan Muhurat 2019

The perfect timing for removing the birth hair from a baby’s head is what is known as the Mundan Muhurat. Generally known as Mundan Ceremony, the event is considered to be one of the solah sanskar in the Hindu religion. The Muhurat for Mundan is calculated keeping in mind the importance of the event. As per the rituals, the mundan of the Boy is done on an odd year and that of a girl is done on an even year of their respective lives.

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  • Namkaran Muhurat 2019

The ceremony of naming the infant is one of the 16 Hindu Sanskar, which qualifies it as being an important event for the baby and families involved. A name plays a major role in anyone’s life; it’s an identity and a responsibility. After finding out the right letter to name their baby, the parents decide on a name, which they feel is apt for their child. Hence, the part where responsibility kicks in- to fulfil the true meaning of that name. Moreover, the name is an acquired identity that we have to make ours, which puts more incumbency on it.

The Namkaran Muhurat is calculated to find the best time for naming a child. It must be kept in mind that the Namkaran ceremony should not be done during the time period of 10 days after the childbirth.

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  • Annaprashan Muhurat 2019

Believed to be one of the Solah Sanskars in the Hindu religion, the tradition of performing the Annaprashan ceremony is old as time. Normally conducted when an infant is between the age of 6 to 12 months, the Annaprashan ceremony is the celebration when the child consumes solid food for the first time. Also known by the name Annaprasana, the ceremony takes place to commemorate the baby consuming mushy food or any other food item which isn’t milk.

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  • Karnavedha Muhurat 2019

Referring to the event of piercing the ears of boy and girl, the Karnavedha Muhurat holds a larger importance in the life of the child. Technically done after the Namkaran, Annaprashan and Mundan of the child, Karnavedha ceremony is performed by the parents of the little boy or girl. Believed to enhance the physical and mental abilities of the little child, the Karnavedha Muhurat is found out by an astrologer to pierce the earlobe of the child.

For boys, the right earlobe, and for girls, the left earlobe is pierced first during the Karnavedha Sanskar Ceremony. Widely believed, there are multiple factors to be taken into consideration when the ceremony is performed. Hence, finding the right muhurat for the Karnavedha sanskar is of great significance.

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  • Vidyarambh Muhurat 2019

Made from the words - Vidya and Arambh - the term Vidyarambh means the beginning of knowledge. The ritual of Vidyarambh is performed when a child finally starts his/her studies. The Muhurat for this occasion holds much importance because for every parent their child is the most valuable gem and polishing it is their utmost duty.

To mark the beginning of their child’s education the parents perform this ritual, and it’s fair that it's done in accordance with the Vidyarambh Muhurat.

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Welcome fortune and prosperity in your life by following the Muhurat in 2019!