General Elections 2019 Predictions

The Modi wave has already swiped the major forces previously into action. His influence across the globe states him as a strong, powerful leader who believes in performance. Several decisions have been taken in the last five years. There are admirers, there are haters, but is there anybody who can conquer this great man of India who stands as tall as a wall?

Elections in India take place every five years. The last was in 2014 and now again in 2019, different parties and leaders are trying their best to win the hearts of common people and the election. This is the time when the centre of attention becomes the middle-class man who has to vote for a party or a leader he can trust on. The level of trust can be judged by the mere fact that a special button was introduced in the voting machine which says that you find no one to be eligible for the position. Yet, a decision has to be made every time there is an election. Either a single party makes the government or more than one parties unite to do the same, there is a lot of upheaval during the Elections. But after Prime Minister Narendra Modi has occupied the post, it seems obvious that no other contender holds a chance against him. Is it so? Read to know predictions for Indian General Elections 2019.

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General Elections 2019

Though both the parties Congress and Bharatiya Janta Party are making their best moves to prove why they deserve to win the election, the poll will only decide the future representative of India. Will Mr Narendra Modi remain the unrivalled winner or a new face would turn the tables? General Elections 2019 has raised the curiosity of all. The five states which are of significant importance for vote bank and would definitely impact the results more are:

  • Chattisgarh

Ruled straight for 15 years by BJP, this state has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. The changes were welcomed but if the people are thinking of a change or to settle with the same government is a mystery.

Astrological Viewpoint: Though Mr Raman Singh, the current Chief Minister of the state has remained the favourite of his people, the stars don’t seem to be favouring him this year. People might simply seek change resulting in a lesser popularity among folks.

  • Mizoram

Mizoram is truly a gem of Northeast India. Ruled by Congress consecutively for five times, this state is a hope for Congress party since Mr Lal Thanhawla is trusted by the people. They might be sure about success for the sixth time.

Astrological viewpoint: According to the predictions made by Vedic Astrology, the state of Mizoram being happy with their leader may offer an opportunity to Congress to stand strong in the Elections.

  • Rajasthan

Vasundhara Raje and the state of Rajasthan are inseparable. But the battle for the seat in Rajasthan will be fascinating as both the parties hold a nice record in the past in the particular state. Neither will leave an opportunity to prove themselves suitable for the position. Everyone would wait to see the new face of the state.

Astrological viewpoint: The situations seem to be favouring Congress here but it's going to be a battle of the face than the battle of parties.

  • Madhya Pradesh

Ruled by BJP, with Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan serving as the CM for 13 years, MP seems to have made a choice of their leader already. Here again, the leader is crucial than the party and the inclination of people will be drawn to the candidate and not the party.

Astrological viewpoint: Just like Narendra Modi Ji was the appointed leader and the party was people’s second priority, here as well Shivraj Singh Chauhan might get to hold the CM position for the fourth time.

  • Telangana

The fastest growing state of Telangana holds no doubt of whom they wish to see as their next representative. The supporters of K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who dissolved the assembly, preponing the elections are many. It seems his presence is what is making the state become so prosperous.

Astrological viewpoint: The stars, as well as people’s faith, are going to arrange a repeat telecast of K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s victory.

General Elections 2019 - Conclusion

The trend suggested by these five states show a positive sign for BJP. Though Congress will try to get a hold of the states where it can, but the probability of success hugely depends on opportunities picked by the leaders. The mindset of people can change anytime. Any step taken by the government during this phase can prove to be decisive. The possibility of a Mahagathbandhan (coalition on a huge scale) can’t be denied as it is clear that it’s the only way to overpower BJP which appears to be the strongest of all. The efforts laid by Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka may prove to be fruitful. The position of his stars suggests that he may rise from the low positions he has been since a while but the crown will still be worn by the beloved Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

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Legislative Assembly Elections

A brief insight to the legislative elections to be held in 2019 along with the general elections is given below:

  1. Andhra Pradesh

Currently ruled by Telugu Desam Party led by Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu, the state of Andhra Pradesh may continue with its choice as the strategy chosen by venerable CM to defeat BJP will work.

  1. Odisha

The major contenders in this state are Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, and Biju Janata Dal.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir

The most debated state of India, J&K is currently under President’s rule. The same will continue till the elections are held and the state will speak a story for itself.

  1. Maharashtra

CM Devendra Fadnavis from BJP might be victorious again in Maharashtra Pradesh. The three contenders here are BJP, Congress, and National People's Party. Will CM Pema Khandu (BJP) hold the seat again or not is a question of debate.

  1. Haryana

Haryana made its choice very clear in the previous elections. But will history repeat itself or a new chapter will open can only be known when the results are finally out.

  1. Sikkim

CM Pawan Kumar Chamling has been continuing his tenure in Sikkim since 1994 and might continue with the same.

2019 Elections are crucial at every aspect. On one hand, there is growth and change while on other people are still disturbed with rising prices. What will be the mood of masses is yet to unveil. May the best person win!